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WHO urges governments to choose health over profits.

Posted on: June 13, 2013

Great news!!

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World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan exposed the challenges big businesses pose for public health in her opening remarks at the 8th annual Global Conference on Health Promotion, taking place in Helenski, Finland June 10–14. With chronic noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) now topping infectious diseases as the leading cause of death or disability globally, NCD prevention must be championed; however those efforts are often thwarted by big businesses that produce products that contribute to disease generation and progression — such as Big Soda and obesity or diabetes, Big Tobacco and lung cancer, as well as Big Alcohol and liver cancer.  According to Chan, these companies use “front groups, lobbies, promises of self-regulation, lawsuits, and industry-funded research that confuses the evidence and keeps the public in doubt.” (Her latter phrase about research was particularly frightening for me, having been an academic researcher myself, as the practice undermines the scientific method, including…

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