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What a terrible loss of a world-class athlete – Cirque du Soleil performer plummets 50ft to her death.

Posted on: July 1, 2013

I am genuinely touched by this story, having seen a show myself and been completely awestruck both by the performance and by the athleticism of these guys. Performers are specially selected for their talents, and receive ongoing, highly intensive training. I have so much respect for these acrobats who risk their lives every day in the name of entertainment.

How many people can say they feel genuine passion for their job?

Sarah Guyard-Guillot, only 31 years old, was a mother of two who had worked with Cirque du Soleil for 22 years. From reading news reports her fellow performers seem devastated by the event; I cannot begin to imagine how traumatic it must be.

This is the first reported death in Cirque du Soleil’s history, a testament to Cirque’s professionalism, and dedication to safety. So, what happened tonight?

I will be following the story closely. I really hope it is determined that this was an unavoidable incident, and that Cirque du Soleil were not negligent…

Pyrotechnics explode during the finale of Cirque du Soleil's Ka

Sarah Guyard-Guillot

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